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Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide the best experience possible for our clients. Our goals are your goals. We are successful when you are successful.

Our mission is to work with a select number of families, successful entrepreneurs, endowments, and foundations to help them secure their financial future. In doing so, we build relationships, partnerships, and collaborations with our clients, their extended families, and our industry partners to provide an experience like no other in the wealth management industry.

What We Do

We provide custom designed investment solutions that help our clients meet their unique financial objectives. Our business is focused largely on investment management for affluent families, family offices, endowments, and foundations. We will typically utilize a wide range of asset classes across both public and private markets. Through our extensive relationships, Mission Hill has access to managers and strategies around the world.

Who We Are

Mission Hill is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). As an RIA, the firm has a fiduciary duty to put its client’s interest first, above everything else. We have a duty to provide conflict free, unbiased, investment advice and management, that is prudent and appropriate for each client situation. We are not bound by a corporate culture, or model portfolios that clients must fit into. We recognize that each client has a unique set of needs, and we design customized portfolios to address those needs.

Our Value

Mission Hill is a trusted financial partner for its clients. We collaborate with you. In effect, we serve as your personal Chief Investment Officer. Our unbiased structure, and flexible investment approach, allow us to focus on you, not on us. As a client of Mission Hill, you will receive the most appropriate advice for your situation, no matter what the economic environment might be.

About Our Leadership

Hal Peterson

Experience means a lot in the financial markets. Hal Peterson has been managing investment portfolios for clients for 35 years. Over that time span, he has helped clients navigate financial market crises and uncertainty. He works directly with each client to ensure that they receive the highest level of attention to detail, regardless of the market environment.

Hal’s experience with institutional investment management through his extensive involvement in the community, with foundations, and endowments, provides clients a valuable perspective on portfolio management that few advisors provide.

After growing up in Colorado, Hal lived in Seattle, WA and moved to Austin, TX in the late 1980’s. He has led the investment management of bank trust departments, private banking units of large commercial banks, and founded an independent advisory firm that he lead for nearly 14 years. He is the founder and Managing Principal of Mission Hill Advisors, LLC.

Hal and his wife of 25 years live in West Austin and have two daughters. Hal enjoys tennis, hiking, fly fishing, restoring old motorcycles, and his 1958 MGA.

Hal's leadership expertise

Great for clients, good for business

Our business model is client-centric. Most investment advisor’s business models are built around scale. Growing assets under management is typically the primary objective of advisory firms. Mission Hill is not bound by the need to scale. Of course we want to grow our business, but rather than dumb down the investment process so we can focus on business development, our priorities are your priorities, whatever those may be. At Mission Hill, client solutions are the central focus of the firm.