Your Chief Investment Officer

Mission Hill Advisors, LLC is an independent Registered Investment Advisor. We provide investment management and consulting services to private clients, family offices, endowments, and foundations.

With nearly 30 years of financial markets experience, we serve a select number of clients as their outsourced Chief Investment Officer managing and/or overseeing the management of a broad range of asset classes across both public and private markets. We provide extensive consulting services to Trustees, Investment Committees, and other fiduciaries.

If you are looking for an experienced independent advocate to ensure that the advice you receive and the services you are being provided are valuable and remain consistent with your mission, please contact us to arrange an introduction.

» You take advantage of nearly 30 years of investment management experience working with clients like yourselves.

» You gain assurance that the fees you pay are within industry standards and are continually reflective of the value of the services being delivered.

» You benefit from our thoroughness, structure, and rigor in the evaluation of investment managers, and investment advisors which ensures that you are working with the most appropriate provider given your investment objectives and mission.

» You have Mission Hill as your independent advocate to ensure that the advice you receive and the services delivered remain aligned with your mission.

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Discretionary Asset Management

» Mission Hill provides ongoing investment management for private clients, endowments, and foundations on a discretionary basis consistent with an established Investment Policy Statement for each entity.

» The firm constructs portfolios using outside managers that have been thoroughly screened, interviewed, and are monitored on an ongoing basis.

» A wide range of asset classes and investment structures may be utilized in a client portfolio including both public and private market investments.

» No economic relationship exists between the firm and the managers or funds it selects for clients.

» Assets are typically held at Schwab Institutional although multiple custodians may be utilized.

» Mission Hill provides a comprehensive quarterly report for all assets under management.

Money Manager Research & Due Diligence

» We provide extensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of managers currently being utilized, those being proposed by investment advisors, and others that may be considered in the future.

» Participation in quarterly conference calls, webcasts, or in person meetings with each manager.

» Extensive returns-based attribution analysis on each manager.

» Extensive risk-factor analysis on each manager to determine sources of risk.

» Visits to the managers’ office annually or as appropriate.

» Benchmarking the managers’ against appropriate benchmarks and peer groups.

» Interviews with references provided by the manager.

» Interviews with third party vendors that the manager is utilizing.

Investment Advisor Search & Due Diligence

» Review regulatory history.
» Quality of the investment process.
» Staffing effectiveness and efficiency.
» Breadth and depth of investment solutions including manager access.
» Strength of investment performance.
» Risk management process and procedures both quantitative and qualitative.
» Fairness of fees and other expenses.
» Quality and depth of reporting capabilities.
» Ongoing review to ensure that advice, service, and performance remain aligned with the family’s needs, goals, and expectations.

Other Services

» Review and analysis of custodial relationships, such as the effectiveness and scope of service offerings, fees, and back-office operations.
» Ongoing collaboration with estate planning professionals, tax advisors, family office professionals, and other professional advisors. We provide coordination and communication between professionals to ensure accuracy and timeliness of actions.
» Quarterly review and analysis of investment advisor performance and strategy.
» Consolidated reporting of multiple investment advisor relationships and asset allocation. An outside vendor such as By All Accounts may be required.
» Review of private market investment opportunities including venture capital, private equity, private real estate, and energy investments.
» Investment Policy drafting and/or review.
» Family Governance advice and strategy.
» Family office services advice, review, and strategy.